Unlock your illiquid alternative investments

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Our secondary market platform and process connects buyers and sellers through private, efficient, confidential, and customized auctions.

For Sellers

MPS provides Sellers with efficient access to a competitive auction marketplace for illiquid LP interests and shareholdings

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For Buyers

Our exclusive mandates on the sell-side ensure a commitment by the seller and lead to a higher conversion rate of successful auctions

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Why Melting Point Solutions is a better way for investors to buy and sell illiquid interests.

  • Exclusive Focus

    Secondary market advisory is our sole line of business. By design.
  • 24/7 Conflict Free

    MPS are agents only. We do not charge separately for advisory services nor does MPS act as a principal investor resulting in perfect alignment with client interests.
  • Exclusive Network

    Diverse, institutional-only universe of experienced buyers including dedicated secondary firms, family offices, endowments, FoFs and others
  • Industry Expertise

    You can rely on our senior, experienced team for secondary market guidance and support.
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We’re more than just a marketplace for illiquid assets— we’re a full-service secondary solution.

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