Why Melting Point Solutions is a better way for investors to buy and sell illiquid interests.


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  • Exclusive Network

    We connect sellers of illiquid LP interests with a diverse universe of institutional buyers.

    Melting Point Solutions provides a top-quality network of secondary buyers and sellers with a specific focus on working with both traditional and non-traditional market participants.
  • Streamlined Solutions

    Our platform is efficient and easy to use.

    Our secondary market platform and process provides a transparent and effective way to buy and sell limited partnership interests. Auctions are private and straightforward. Diligence materials are available in customized data-rooms with access limited to a pre-approved buyer universe.
  • Better Liquidity Options for Sellers

    We specialize in secondary sales.

    Melting Point Solutions helps you divest your illiquid alternatives in a competitive marketplace, ensuring price maximization..
  • Industry Expertise

    You can rely on us for secondary market guidance and support.

    Our team has extensive experience in the illiquid alternatives market. We have successfully handled a wide variety of secondary transactions across the investment spectrum, including private equity funds, hedge funds, venture capital funds, private equity real estate, fund of hedge funds as well as these fund's underlying direct investments. You can depend on us to deliver exceptional service and support throughout the auction and transfer process.

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