We connect you to illiquid alternative interests from previously untapped sources.

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The Better Way to Buy Illiquid Alternatives

Melting Point Solutions is the smart secondary market platform for institutional buyers looking for exclusive supply of illiquid alternatives. Melting Point only conducts auctions for clients that have exclusively engaged Melting Point to perform its services. Our auctions encompass illiquid hedge fund, venture capital, private equity, real estate interests as well as the aforementioned fund underlying interests.

We connect you to an exclusive supply of interests from leading wealth management firms, family offices, fund of funds, endowments, foundations, pension funds and trusts.

Efficient for Buyers: asset details, diligence material and bidding may take place either on the Melting Point platform or offline.

Our exclusive mandates on the sell-side ensure a commitment by the seller and lead to a higher conversion rate of successful auctions

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